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Ho-Down Mural Exhibition

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The Ho-Down Mural Project was created to celebrate Urban Artists and their form of expression. The artists had the permission of the Erotic Heritage Museum to create whatever they wanted within a public forum.   Many of the same artists provided murals to the outside of the Hispanic Museum in town.  The Urban Artists in Las Vegas are extremely talented and the murals at both locations are bringing awareness to the culture of the city, as well as attracting other artists from different areas of the world.

Since Urban Art utilizes public spaces, it was up to the artists to create what they wanted to do without censorship; however, they too have their own values as to what is acceptable and not. The Museum recognizes and acknowledges that Urban Art has artistic value. To showcase Urban Art inside the Museum undervalues the importance of the art form since the art form is public. The overall composition of the exhibition is equal to art communities in Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York and other European cities.

The art work is not signage, but a beautifully curated art exhibit. The Museum seeks to bridge the gap which is misidentified as pornographic rather what has artistic value. These artists worked during the height of summer heat to create these murals. Many patrons of Urban Art have already stopped by the Museum to have their pictures taken with the murals.  

Do stop by and see the murals for yourself, they are spectacular.

"Finger Struck" by Vezun and Niki J Sands


 "Her vs Her" by Dray Wilmore



"Until Death Do Us Part" by Paula McPhail‏



"In The Moment" by Niki J Sands


"All of Me" by Niki J Sands and "Stud" by KD Matheson


"Peepshow Superstars" by Joseph Watson


 "Venus and Mars" by KD Matheson

"Never Enough" by Dray Wilmore


"Second Base" by Veks 3


"Woman Goggles Man in Picture" by Vezun‏


"Stacked Deck "by Vek3‏


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