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House of Gord - Mechanised Maidens

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Gord is a natural-born artist and inventor. His passion is for inventing bondage gear that will tease, torment, humiliate and stimulate a very dangerous species... women! Gord’s inventions are so cunning and sophisticated that they almost defy explanation, and, as a result, a term was created to describe his work: ULTRA BONDAGE.

Gord has two loves in his life. One of them is women and the other is engineering. It seemed perfectly logical to Gord to merge the two together, both being poetry in motion.

The great artists used stone and painting materials in an attempt to capture the essence of femininity. Gord uses the ultimate sculpting material, women themselves.

The Erotic Heritage Museum is honored to display Gord's Mechanised Maidens. See more at House of Gord.


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