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"Sex On The Streets" - Anniversary Exhibition

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“Sex on the Streets” is the Museum’s anniversary exhibit which features urban artists.  These artists include muralists, aerosolists, cartoonist, illustrators, photo-realists, painters and ceramic artists.  As is usually the case, erotic art is typically censored despite the fact that eroticism permeates our every day existence.  The art you see on the “streets” is typically considered low-brow art and does not warrant credibility.   Consider the possibility that even low-brow art is censored.  What if the art was not censored?  What would that look like?  The “Sex on the Streets” exhibition is intended to be innovative and thought-proving manner.  It is not intended to be “in-your-face” exploitive for shock value.  We welcome your thoughts on the subject.  Visit “Sex on the Streets.”


"Sex on the Streets" artists include:

Princess Anne
Mark Burns
Carlos de las Heras
Damien Drake
Dragon Lily
Francois Dubeau
Peter Grad
Ross Johnston
Joni Max
Michael Kirwan
Bobby Logic
KD Matheson

Keith Murray
Ras One
Niki J Sands

Hector Silva
Vincent Stephens
Tom of Finland
Veks 3











Carlos has been exhibiting his work in Las Vegas galleries since 2005. Exhibitions include solo shows as well as numerous awards in juried shows. He has been featured in publications such as the Las Vegas City Life and the Las Vegas Weekly. His work varies from painting and sculpture to photography and graphics. Carlos was born in Madrid, Spain but grew up in Las Vegas, Nevada. Drawing and sculpture was a
childhood interest which he further  developed through schooling. He earned a B.F.A. in 2009 from the University of Nevada Las Vegas where he continues to live and work.





"My name is Kelley Maren, professionally known as Mistress DragonLily of.  I have been creating art since I was a child with drawings and paintings in various mediums and subject matters with little focus on a specific genre; however in the last year my creative flow has taken me to the canvas with a passion for documenting my fetish for women that love being in bondage.  
I am a switch in BDSM having firsthand experience being a professional dominatrix as well as an obedient submissive and I now use my paintings to showcase the harmony that exists in the relationship of these contrasting roles.   I love painting what I find to be the striking, yet quiet and beautiful subspace a submissive can reach in her mind when suffering beautifully for the pleasure and elation of her dominant."







 Born in 1965, François Dubeau grew up in and around Montreal (Canada). He has always had a passion for drawing, photography and music.
He holds a BA in Communications Studies from Concordia University (Montreal) and has worked in public relations and marketing. A long-time computer enthusiast, he has gradually integrated technology in his artistic creation process.
Since 1999, he’s Vice-President of Prose inc., a Montreal communications firm.
François first showed his drawings to the public in 2005.







Peter is educated in Theatrical Stage and Movie Art Design in Russia.
His works have been exhibited internationally and are in private collections in USA, Germany, Poland, Check Republic, France, Belgium and Russia. He uses a wide range of media and subject matter to create pieces with diversity in style and composition. Peter does not like to be classified or categorized. He prefers to let the viewer decide and define. Peter's work process is a raw creativity in its purest form. He never sketches or creates models of his works. He starts with materials and molds them as imagination leads his hands.
"XRun 96" series is an artist's journey into exploration of erotic vision of the reality. In his works artist encourages people not to take themselves or sex too seriously.





 "As a child, I was always fascinated with pop culture and, more specifically, "old Hollywood".  Now, seeing these things through [somewhat more] adult eyes, I frequently use this milieu as a basis for commentary on a broad range of social phenomena.  Often I use images from the past (much of the time MY past) to comment on the present in an attempt to convey to the viewer my unique view of the world.  What may at first appear to be a simple, humorous narrative can actually mask a more serious or subversive theme, creating layers of meaning within a single piece.  Of couse sometimes it's just me making fun of stuff...My subjects vary widely from politics to entertainment to eroticism to the basic human condition.
Drawings are created on Stonehenge paper using blended color pencil.  Although realistic in appearance (OK, somewhat realistic--does ANYBODY actually look like the figures I create???) no photographs are used in the finished work.  These drawings are then mounted on foam core, and layered inside shadow box frames with a depth of between one to four inches.  The style is photo-realism but the finished art more closely resembles a 3-D movie still of the scene rather than a realistic depiction of the event itself.
In my work I attempt to capture the feeling and look of Technicolor, a color process Hollywood used during the 1940's and 50's (an artform now sadly lost) which, with it's garishly unreal hues, brought us a view of the world as we would like it to appear but not as it truly does."









Michael Kirwan was born in New York in 1953. Even though he rarely had art supplies, from an early age he drew on paper bags with ballpoint pens and filled small steno pads with drawings. He was regulary teased but didn’t really care as long as he could draw more inviting worlds on the bags that came from the supermarket. He became part of a program whereby particularly bright boy students would be taught rigorous, in-depth college courses by the Christian Brothers. So he spent the sixth - eighth grades travelling to attend the Monsignor Kelly experimental school.  Upon graduation however, he found that there was no available next step, and was horrified when he started freshman year at Cardinal Spellman High School in the Bronx and understood that he’d have to endure four years of being badly taught what he already knew by inferior teachers.
While still at Spellman, Michael wed and became a father. Later that year he was denied a diploma because he had hurled a jelly donut at his religious instructor’s head. With a family to support Michael worked in the shipping and receiving area at a department store. He stayed there from 1973-1979. His marriage dissolved under the weight of his irresponsible attitude and continuing homosexual shenanigans. In 1980, embracing his newly found gay identity, he went to work at the St. Marks Baths, a sperm-splashed institution in the East Village. He rose through the ranks quickly from laundry boy to management through being an incapable/inept but endearing presence nonetheless. Encouraged by the owner of both the baths and the and historic “Saint” dance club, Michael rediscovered art and in particular his skill at drawing the naked men surrounding him at work. 
In 1988 Michael moved to Florida and became a chef at the highly regarded STRAND restaurant. Popular, inventive and held in high esteem, he was fired in 1990. The owners gave him a special bonus, and Michael decided that with six months of bills taken care of, he’d try his hand at self-employment, illustrating for skin rags. Since that time his work has appeared in FRESHMEN, TORSO, GENT, PLAYGUY, SUGAH, MANDATE, INCHES, CAVALIER, HONCHO, NUGGET and countless other magazines. He’s had individual shows at the Tom of Finland Company in Los Angles, the Peter Madero Gallery in NY, and the Dakota Bar on Second Avenue as well as appearing in group showcases in Portland and Miami. His images have circulated all over the world and his original drawings are highly sought after by collectors. 








"Within my work I tend to think of creating a meeting place, a bridge in space and time that blends the past and the furture and is expressed into the present.
They are as vessels that house lines of connection to the mysteries of our past, the understanding of who we are now, and the wonder of what we will become tomorrow." 
 Artist KD Matheson was born in Las Vegas, NV. Expressing a unique vision through a wide variety of mediums, clay, paint, c-g art, animation, and film, his surreal creations bekon us in to mythic, primordial world of the fantastic.
Featured in book publicatins, c-d jacket covers, motion picutures, and high fashion photography, Matheson's artwork has also been exhibited and is among collections around the globe.







 Niki J Sands is a Las Vegas native - Born to Greek parents in 1960, Niki's passion for The Mediterranean is evident in many of her works, exhibiting vitality and a vivid use of color, while still maintaining a certain softness. An emerging artist, Niki paints elusively, yet constructively with both oils and acrylics, with one never quite knowing what to expect from her next, as she enjoys experimenting with various styles and techniques. Niki's art is collected throughout the United States as well as Canada and Europe.





Hector Silva is a self-taught artist based in Los Angeles who has been producing work for more than twenty-five years. Born in Ocotlan, Jalisco, in Mexico, he moved to the United States at the age of 17. He began drawing in his late 20s when he discovered his own talent. Today, Hector’s work is collected internationally, and has received acclaim in the US and abroad.
Living in Los Angeles with its rich Latino/Chicano culture, Hector draws from the Latino tradition.  Among his influences are religious iconography, Frida Kahlo, M. C. Escher, Tom of Finland, and Chicano prison art.  Hector explores themes of cultural identities, eroticism and beauty. His mastery of light and shadow on skin is captured on paper with pencil.









While Tom of Finland was altering culture and giving a whole segment of humanity something long denied them, his work was also opening the door for other artists to liberate themselves in who and what they expressed within their works. This was never more eloquently stated than by Harvey Shipley Miller, trustee of The Judith Rothschild Foundation at a 2006 fundraiser for Tom of Finland Foundation. 
Tom of Finland was one of the most influential artists of the 20th century. ”He drew in values, as an artist superb but as a influence transcendent,” said Miller. “What he did was open the doorway, the path for so many to follow by not being afraid of homoerotic subject matter and also the way it was treated.” His work transcended into the culture and became part of it.  
In referring to a particular work of Tom’s Miller exclaimed, “The point is that this drawing is a masterwork and there are very few.” Few artists ever do masterworks and Tom of Finland did several during his lifetime.






Veks 3, known for her anime influenced "Nekkid Chicks" on everything from walls to tunnels to freight trains, is a Las Vegas native with several legal murals around the city, as well as a self published manga-style comic book,  The 13th Story.







Hung like a lady bug. Snug under what your bra holds. Plastic to plaster molds shattered by vezun's erratic hand strokes. Obscene jokes as the title for a masturbator's piece. Painter of big ol' titties. Sculptor of the open bush. Crusher of pelvis between the pen and the pad. Adding to the list of self portraits where he's serving you manhood on a platter. Eat well and wipe your mouth when you're done. Another one bites the crust... 





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